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An awkward match at Byfleet resulting in a loss has now more or less put paid to Chidd's chances of ending in the top four of the division. The result that really hurt was the Hampton double header defeat but this result has basically sealed it. Chidd are destined to finish the season mid-table, which considering the poor start to the season is probably better than we initially expected. What is a pleasure to see for the future is we are possessed with some very talented individuals which will really benefit Chidd in latter seasons.

Match Reports


Chidd find their form again with wins for both the B-Team and A-team. This now puts Chidd on course for a good finish in the league and with games in hand, still stand a chance to climb a little further up. Last weeks double header result will sadly hurt us unless other results go our way, but that aside, we are certainly boding well for next season providing we can keep up to this standard of match play.


It couldn't last I suppose. With Chidd's forces lower than they were at Woking last week, we traveled to on form Hampton and suffered twice in one go thanks to the double header idea. Full report from our man on the touchline in Match Reports


Just as most of the coaching staff had been predicting, the team finally showed just what it is truly capable of on Feb 17th with a deserved win over unbeaten Woking. Looking back over some of the earlier in the season match reports, one see's time after time, comments on the lines of 'looks promising' and 'performance better than result'.  The hill we are climbing though, doesn't get any less steep. With only half of our games of the season completed, we still have to keep up the pressure, determination and sheer strength of mind to continue to play to our best. Teams like Hampton and Byfleet will be real tests which will determine our final showing in the league this season.


As we enter the 2002 we are seeing a marked improvement in the team, both in individual performances but more importantly. we are working so much better as a team. Let's hope this trend continues now through the remainder of the season and with a little help from Lady Luck as well, we ought see us finish somewhere mid table.


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Guy Fawkes has been and gone and the Chidd players are gradually coming together. This seasons line up is drastically different from the last and the early games were noticeable in that the team had been operating as individuals. The last couple of games have shown that although there is still some work to do we are playing much better as an all round unit. Unfortunately it hasn't yet reflected in the results. This may be that the teams we have been up against are the ones at the upper end of the league (at the time of writing, we have played the top three teams of the division plus two cup matches against sides from higher divisions).

So we now have no excuses left, time to go forth.  J