Match Reports - 16th September to 30th October 2001



Up to the minute ,, well almost ,, commentary and reporting of Chidd's progress through the season. If you have something you'd like to report, please either email it or pass hand written reports on to one of the Chidd-U12 staff team.


Chiddingfold 1 v 6 St Francis (League Cup)

16th September 2001

`You know it's much better playing up front than in defence ... if you miss an open goal everyone goes `Oh bad LUCK!' but if you make a mistake in defence everyone b----s you.'

Anon, player (how very true)


Despite the scoreline, an extremely encouraging start to the season, with several outstanding performances. St Francis (formerly FC 2000) had been training through the summer and played several friendlies and a league match already. We have had 2 training sessions and never played together as a team before. Considering they beat us 11-1 this time last year, 6-1 was a good result. In fact I would go so far as to say it was a 5-0 moral victory to us (Oh good. Ed)

We told the boys before the game to treat it as a trial for their places in the team and they rose to the challenge.

St Francis pressed hard in the opening few minutes but the boys held firm and we began to get back into the game. For most of the first half we matched them, only tiring in the last 10 minutes and letting through a spate of goals to leave it 4- 0 at half time. In this half joint Man of the Match Hassan exploded into the annals of Chiddingfold with a superlative performance of skill and commitment. He dominated the left side of the field and worked his heart out for the team. A real find.

After the break the boys pulled back a goal - a super strike by Callum after a well worked build up by Scott and Rupert. At this stage, it wasn't beyond the bounds of possibility that we would get something out of the game, but a defensive error made it 5-1 and we were once again too far behind.

The boys kept playing, though, and gradually began to gel together as a team. In this half joint Man of the Match Theo in goal pulled off some crucial saves, including three point blank stops within seconds of each other.

Overall the coaches learned a lot about their team and, by the time of our first league match in 3 weeks, we should be ready for the Battle for the Championship.



Chiddingfold 0 v 3 Surrey Rangers (County Cup)

23rd September 2001

`That was much harder than we thought it was going to be...' Surrey Rangers coach

A marked improvement on last week, with several boys really beginning to approach match fitness level. The boys are beginning to get used to each other and, though there's some experimenting still to be done before we settle on the best line-up, things are beginning to gel.

John T. made a splendid debut in central defence. Committed, strong in the tackle and quick to clear, he will be very hard to oust. Man of the Match Chris B, playing next to John, was also in great form in an unfamiliar position for him. He showed real grit and composure and led the line well.

Rangers were 2-0 up at half time but the boys seemed the better team and without doubt the scores could have been reversed. Although the boys let a third in half way through the second period, allowing Rangers to grow in confidence, we came close several times and, a month hence, would have won comfortably.

We still suffered from the previous week's problem of allowing a hole between the strikers and midfield to develop, but it was better. We have next week off and then start the League programme. We will be ready.



Chiddingfold 5 v 3 Sunbury Celtic (League)

October 14th 2001

`We've only got eleven boys today. Next week we're down to ten. We seem to be struggling to attract boys at the moment’,

S. Cawthen, Sunbury Celtic coach.

The boys hit the ground running in the first League match of the season with a superb defeat of old rivals Sunbury Celtic.

Always in control, we really began to click, and show the parents what we are capable of. The twin strike force of Rupert with joint Man of the Match Jonathan B ran riot, and in attack the boys looked formidable, pouring forward in numbers, constantly pressurising the Sunbury defence. Ironically we went one down from a breakaway goal, but equalised before long and went into the lead with the last kick of the first half - a super strike from Hassan, buzzing in central midfield for the first time.

In the course of the match Rupert and Jonathan got two goals each, all outstanding and well worked, one a terrific 20 yard strike by Jonathan. Sunbury fought back (literally) but the boys wouldn't be provoked and the score went to 3- 1 and then 4-1. A silly penalty made it 4-2 but the boys went ahead again, 5-2, before Sunbury got a consolation goal towards the end of the match.

Joint Man of the Match Charlie H played his heart out for the team, harrying and tackling all the way and fellow central defender John T was equally superb in defence, as well as unleashing one particularly cracking shot from near the half-way line that deserved to go in.

The Sunbury boys were on a high as was their Manager, old friend Steve Cawthen, who ran the line in a fetching yellow outfit, for all the world looking like a n excited canary.

Southampton FC star Danny W came to watch with his parents Dick and Tracey and it was lovely to see them back where, let's face it, they belong.

Danny's agent has, in fact, been on the `phone to us to enquire about the possibility of an emotional return following the tragic blunder of his move to a lesser team. But, as I said to him in the nicest possible way, Danny's made his bed and he's going to have to lie on it. If he chooses to follow the bright lights and go to a more `glamorous' team, that's up to him. There have already been rumours that Danny has been seen out with a blonde at one of Petworth's top night spots, not to mention that `coke' episode in the Sun (I prefer Pepsi, myself). I blame the parents. Reliable sources inform me that Danny's younger brother Callum W, already showing signs of great talent, is being ferociously pressured.

Three hours intense training every day is simply too much for a 2 year old. It's all so sad.


Chiddingfold B' 3 v 3 Farncombe Boys (Friendly)

20th October 2001

`I've been reading that Newsletter; you've really got to watch what you say around here, haven't you, otherwise you end up in it?'

M. Steward, supporter

This was a chance for the boys unable to play regularly in the Sunday League team to show what they can do and they gave an extremely good account of themselves against a very experienced and well organised Farncombe side.

Greg K. and Ross L. were in top form up front and always looked dangerous on the break. Man of the Match Carl S. made an effective debut in goal and also looked impressive in midfield, where he played for much of the second half. Captain Anthony M. was rock-like in defence with James W. and Dan M. harrying either side of him and Harry J. was everywhere together with Nick C., who gave a dynamic and classy performance in midfield.

Farncombe kept possession well and pressed the boys back but it was Chidd who went in front with a lethal strike from in-form Greg K. Farncombe deservedly equalised not long afterwards but another well-worked goal from Greg and then an opportunistic lob from Nick C., who had spotted the keeper off his line, sent the boys in 3-1 up at half-time. 

The second half saw Farncombe pushing up hard to get back into the match and after a sustained period of pressure, they pulled one back. By this point James O. in goal and James W. at full-back had both had to go off injured. This and fatigue meant the boys were beginning to lose their shape and Farncombe duly exploited the situation, levelling the scores with only minutes to go. In fact they got the ball in the net again near the final whistle, only to have it ruled offside by an astutely positioned linesman (Lionel 'the blind cyclops' ).

All in all a very creditable performance. With more practice as a team, the boys could go on to great things in the future. If things continue to develop the coaches could even foresee having an official Chiddingfold B League Team?



Chiddingfold B' 3 -3 Farncombe Boys 3-3 Friendly

This friendly was fixed up primarily to give our supportive B' team a chance to display their skills. The Farncombe Boys were fielding an under 11's A side and this made for a very well balanced and exciting to watch match.

Farncombe showed much of the early attack and it was against the run of play when Chidd scored a well taken goal on the break. Farncombe continued to be the better attacking side but Chidd were certainly stoic in defending.

In the second half, having gone in 2-1 up, the game become a very even affair. Gradually Chidd became the dominant team and we scored a lovely goal when Nick C. chipped the Farncombe goalkeeper even though he was 5 yards outside of the penalty area with the usual posse of other players around him. At 3-1, it was looking comfortable.

Then Chidd's defence were breached when twice Farncombe broke out and took two goals in the last 15 minutes of the game. Indeed Farncombe took a fourth from a nice low cross only to have it disallowed for offside (who was that linesman :)

All in all a good entertaining game with the Chidd B team showing some good individual performances.



Chiddingfold I v 8 Send United

28th October 2001

`It's all your fault, Malcolm ... it's that 45 minute cross-country run you took them on yesterday'

N. Taylor, supporter

In training the previous day we had taken the boys on a fartlek. Not a flatulence competition but a 25 minute cross-country run at varying speeds (including walking) with several stops for stretching and exercises. There was lots of moaning from the chaps (`Oooh, some holly got my arm!' John Bk.) and by the time the parents got to hear about it, this had developed into a sadistic 45 minute non-stop marathon. But it spoke volumes for the general level of fitness that the first 3 boys back were Josh T, a defender, and Theo W. and James O. - goalkeepers!

Send showed us just how far we had to go. Our home pitch is a very heavy one and in the first 10 minutes several of the boys were exhausted. The Send boys seemed to thrive in the mud and powered past us at will. John T. in central defence was sorely missed and we were 5-0 down at half-time - but for Theo in goal, it would have been double that. Only Hassan, Man of the Match for the second time this season, was able to match Send for fitness and commitment.

We were second to the ball so often that at one point we temporarily took some boys off to count the number of times Send beat us to the ball. It was something like 11 to2.

To be fair the boys did much better after half-time and pulled one back after a few minutes with a superb header powered into the net by Hassie from a fantastic cross by Callum S. - `the one with the white knickers' as the Send Manager described him. Send got another quite quickly but the second half score remained 1-1 until the last few minutes when Send got the last two.

There were some other positive factors. Nick C. and Carl S. both made their First Team debuts and acquitted themselves with great poise and it was good to see James W. and Ross L. come on and give their all in midfield . Theo continues his run of good form and Callum is beginning to develop maturity in midfield.

Overall, though, to challenge for the championship we need to be fitter, stronger and twice as committed - and our next match is against Woking Cougars, currently top of the table.



Chiddingfold  1-8 Send (League)

October 28th 2001

A disappointing result against a team that perhaps on another day Chidd might have beaten. Send took an early goal in the first half and then followed it up with a second after about 15 minutes of play. By half time it was 5-0 and the Chidd players where looking decidedly the worse for wear. Send put together some good flowing moves and it was another game whereby had it not been for Theo in goal, Chidd could of easily been 10-0 down. This isn't to say Chidd were all bad, they showed one or two nice moves down the wings but seemed to lack any real threat from there on in.

After a half time team talk that was based on trying to get some motivation going, it briefly looked like Chidd might put up better opposition. Unfortunately it was short lived and Send did the unthinkable and scored again. The substitutes where given the task of counting how many times Chidd where beaten to the ball and when in one stage of the game that score was 8 to 2 in Send's favour, it kind of summed up the whole game. Send more or less seemed to score at will thereafter, though it has to be said our defenders did try to work against some very attractive moves by the Send attack.

Notably, debutants Nick and Carl put in good first time out performances. Hasse was our man of the match though. He worked unendingly the whole game through and was rewarded by scoring the goal from a terrific header in the box from a high looping cross from Rupe.