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11th May 04

The season is done and another year passed by the wayside. Chidd finished a very creditable 4th behind Horsley A who we beat on both occasions when we played them. This bodes well for next season and gives us a target to try and go higher in what has to be said, is a competitive and tough league.

Well done to all players who I know are grateful to coaches and fans alike and pass on their thanks for the support they have been given this season..

7th March 04

The GDSL Under 14's league entered its second phase of the season whereby the division is split in half. Chiddingfold enter the top half albeit with a meagre 3 points despite having had good success overall. Its just the way the system has worked out and although probably worth having tried, I hope this system isn't entered into again without a bit of a rethink. The way it has worked out is that despite finishing above Teddington, we start of this second phase below them. More to that is we now have an eternal uphill struggle as we garnered our points from matches against teams who are in the lower division.

The first of the games in the Premier division against Molesey produced a cracking game in which we lost 3-1. 1-0 up at half time was quickly reduced to loosing 2-1 in the second half. With 15 minutes to go, Chidd went on an all out spirited attack and so very nearly pulled the game back to all square. A last minute breakaway goal by Molesey ended our hopes but the spirit in which Chidd fought has to go down as highly commendable. Even Bob, the Molesey manager said after he felt his lads used up their 'Get Out of Jail' cards. Full report, CLICK HERE

Next week, its off to see if 'Two -Ton-Ted from Teddington' (name that song?) is still in residence as we play Teddington Boys in what will be another tough match.


     1- 4 ALL!    

the official newsletter of chiddingfold fc under-14’s


  14th January 2004

Welcome to the first edition of the 2003/4 newsletter, the official newsletter of Chiddingfold FC Under-14’s, 1-4 All! In case any of the chaps don’t know, the phrase comes from the classic novel by Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers, the adventures of a group of dashing musketeers in 17th Century France, whose cry was ’All for one and one for all!’ (sometimes I have to concur with Naomi's statement,,, he's definitely cracking up Web-Ed)

Apologies that this is the first one of the season. As you may remember I’m in the middle of the Level 2 FA Coaching Certificate course (see later), which involves a huge amount of written work and I’ve been completely snowed under.


Since the last newsletter in June:

·        the boys went to receive their 2002/3 Championship trophy, plus the Sportsmanship Award at the GSDL Presentation Night at the University of Surrey. A good time was had by all, followed by a meal at Burger King to celebrate.

·        The summer Wednesday evening kickabouts are now an established part of village life. We regularly have over forty boys turn up.

·        I finally did the practical element of the FA Coaching course (see later)

·        Some of the boys played a demonstration game during the club’s annual Dilly Cup Match.

·        On 8th November several of the boys (Lewis, Jon Bk, Kirk, Alex and Scott) went with Ian to represent the club at Crystal Palace v Preston North End. They had excellent seats and at half time saw club President Bob Spicer, with a couple of the younger Chidd players in club kit, receive the FA Charter Standard Award on the pitch in front of thousands of spectators.


The boys have been going strongly this season in spite of missing several key players. Last year’s joint Player of the Year Nick is off long-term, as is star striker Greg with knee problems, but we hope they can rejoin us later in the season. Theo, top sweeper and excellent keeper, has a slipped disc – we think as a result of hoicking heavy oxygen cylinders while scuba-diving in Croatia in the summer. He is spending most of the day lying on a treatment table playing computer games and watching the television (actually don’t feel too sorry for him). Josh too has had a long term groin strain although, being Josh, he didn’t say anything about it for ages and simply carried on playing.

In spite of this the chaps are doing well. For various complicated reasons the GSDL U14’s division will be splitting into Premier and First Divisions half way through the season and we are on track to be in the Premier.

Quote of the Month – August

(In the last Newsletter, the coach had written a long, imaginative and frankly brilliant Harry Potter takeoff of the boys)

‘Oh bless him – I think Malcolm’s having a nervous breakdown’

Naomi T.

Representative Honours

Several of the boys have now been picked to play for the GSDL Representative (under 14's) squad. WELL DONE to Jonno, Scott, Rupert, James, Hassie and Josh, all of whom have acquitted themselves well in the games, which are usually played at the Cobham FC ground on a Monday evening. The standard and pace is a step up from the league games, so is a great experience for the boys.


Thanks …

… to ‘Dibber’ Stevens, Dad of former Player of the Year Carl, whose generous donation allowed us to buy super 10x8 copies of the Official U13’s Championship Squad photos from last season, as souvenirs for all the boys who helped us to our second title in four years

… to Paul and Anna, Alex H’s parents, who presented the coaches with a set of wine glasses and an absolutely enormous bottle of French red wine for Christmas. They had been saving it for us from their trip to France earlier in the year, so if we all look a bit haggard one Saturday morning, you’ll know that we’ve decide to open it.

  … to Pat, Mum to 1st team star Steve, who has volunteered to bring the oranges for every league match, thus taking up the position vacated by Mandy Steward as official Citrus Consultant to the team.


Did You Know? - 1

Coach Julian can count to ten in Serbo-Croat and once played football in Zagreb. (shame he can’t repeat one of those exercises here – Web-ed)

FA Charter Standard

You will remember that for two years now the club has been working towards the FA Charter Standard Award. Well we’ve finally GOT IT! As detailed above, several of our chaps went to Crystal Palace v Preston where there was a half-time pitch presentation.

Not only that but we are one of ONLY TWO CLUBS IN SURREY to achieve the prestigious and hard–to-get ‘Community’ level of the award, the top version.

The FA Charter Standard Award is a mark of excellence. It is given to clubs who have achieved set levels of excellence in areas like coaching, administration, child protection etc and also helps the club to gain funding for various projects (in our case, the draining and resurfacing of both pitches).

There has been an incredible amount of work involved in achieving the award, much of it done by club Chairman Darryll Hall.


Quote of the Month – September

                        Jon T as Pat approaches with the half-time oranges

‘Here comes Nell Gwyn!’                 


‘Sorry no cleavage – it’s too cold!’   

FA Level Two Course

You may remember also that I am working towards an FA Level Two coaching certificate. I did the practical element of the course last August, which was an unforgettable experience.

It involved three consecutive weekends, 9am – 6pm, with 16 other blokes and was taught by Ted Dale, who was Chelsea Youth coach for several years. If it wasn’t your turn to coach you were being coached, ie playing football the entire day in a heatwave, so it was physically very demanding. 

Several of the blokes were serious, semi-professional players intending  to become professional coaches and all of them were much younger than me. However, when I mentioned that I was coach of Chiddingfold U14’s, they treated me with awed respect for the rest of the course.

Seriously (!) I learned an incredible amount, which will hopefully show in the way we have been coaching the boys so far this season.

I now have to get about 30 hours logged, witnessed and recorded coaching under my belt with a variety of age groups so, as well as our boys, I have been coaching Haslemere U7’s and the Milford Ladies football team.

I will do the actual assessment in May – update to follow!


Quote of the Month – October


‘The jersey’s too slippy!’

Theo Ward, in goal against Horsley A, having just let the ball spill through his hands (it wasn’t a goal)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   European Championships

Forget Portugal, the place to be next summer is Wessling in Bavaria, Germany. Our friends out there have invited us to take part in an international tournament there on the weekend of 18th/29th June. Last year they had teams from Austria, Italy, Hungary and Bayern Munich, and they are very keen to have an English team as well. More to follow.

Did You Know? –2
Goalkeeper James is in a band with goalkeeper Jonny and two other school friends. James is rhythm guitar and vocals, Jonny is bass guitar. They’re called Seventh Heaven and have had several sell-out gigs already.

  END OF    1-4 ALL    


Dec 6th. Hey there, Things have been a bit quiet on the site lately. Not that a lot hasn't been happening but mainly due to time and the lack off,,, where have we heard that one before :) 

For the most part, Chidd haven't had a great run of late. We narrowly lost to Molesey in the League Cup on a miserable wet, windy and grey cold day. Then played our bogey team, Horsley-B and drew yet again when we should of won comfortably. Finally a friendly versus Farncombe Boys to whom several of their players share the same school as some of the Chidd lads. A bit of banter and rivalry plus school ground bragging rights were up for grabs. Sadly, Farncombe took the game 8-0 in a convincing win. 

All match reports will appear soon but if you would like to VOLUNTEER !!!! to send in a match report or just make an opinionated comment, please, please do so. We really would like to have several match reports every game and get the perspective from others.

How much pressure do I have to apply to this,,, name and shame maybe?,, muhahahaa :))

((((((((((((((((((((( : : )))))))))))))))))))) 

Several of our lads have been doing a very good job in representing the Guildford and Shere District League (GSDL) U'14s team. The team is comprised of players selected from all the other teams in the under 14 age group, that play in the GSDL divisions, some dozen teams or so. Matches are then played against other leagues from the southern counties. To date we have had a friendly against Arundel and Chichester league, which we won 3-2 and a league game against Surrey Primary league, which ended in a one all draw.

So far this season, we have had James, Scott, Rupert, Hassie, Jonno and Josh representing Chidd in the Guildford and Shere side, all putting in good performances and with Scott and Rupert scoring a goal apiece. The games are played midweek in the evenings, under floodlights and are well worth going to see if you have time. Indeed, the level of support has been high so far and some of the lads, even if not selected may well enjoy seeing this standard of play, so please come along if you want to. Next match is Dec 3rd, drop me a line if you want more details or directions.


League - The U'14s league has had 12 entries this year. Having to play 22 games plus the various league and county cup would make it a very busy season, so the GSDL have devised a system that ensures a reasonable amount of games throughout this year. If they simply cut it onto two divisions, Premier and 1st division, we would only play 10 games, which as we found last year, really wasn't quite enough. So this year, it will start off with one division of 12 teams. When every team has played each other once, it will be split into two divisions of 6 teams each, based on their positions at that time.

The results from matches played between teams who ended up in opposite divisions, would be quashed, i.e. if Chidd beat Staines and Chidd ended up in the higher division, whilst Staines went to the lower division, that result would be removed from the tables.

Results between teams who ended up in the same division would stand, i.e. if Chidd drew against Teddington and both teams were in the same division, that result would stay in the table.

The new divisions will come into effect around Feb 2004 so long as all fixtures have been played.


County Cup - We beat Chessington Colts 2-0 at home in the prelim of the 1st round. Not so good against Onslow though, see match report.


League Cup - The first round of the G.S.D.L. U'14s League Cup has been drawn and wouldn't you know it, we have been drawn against Molesey Juniors at their ground. I don't think we could of had a harder tie! Big effort required from all the chaps on this one.


Keep the news rolling in folks,, more soon


Lionel :)