Chiddingfold 0   Molesey 4 (League)


27th April 2005


‘It’s the Farmers versus the Chavs!’


A terrific performance from the boys in the much anticipated midweek return match against that team. The Molesey assistant coaches seemed anxious to be friendly but the cold politeness between the two managers was positively sub zero. The truth is it was perfectly OK as a game – Molesey clearly just need a decent referee to restrain their innate ‘ebullience’ and we can have a reasonable match.

Things didn’t exactly get off to a great start when Molesey scored more or less from the kick-off, as we parted like the Red Sea to allow them through on goal.

But the chaps woke themselves up and Jon Bn almost immediately broke clear and almost scored from our kickoff.

The first half was a good, tight game, ranging from end to end, and even when Molesey got a second goal – a soft one which just crept inside the post – the chaps kept going undeterred. With a good referee who didn’t stand for any nonsense, Molesey were OK on the discipline front, although they couldn’t help the occasional niggle. 

Man of the Match Richard  had been given the job of taking care of Molesey’s highly rated number nine ‘Barnesey’ and completely marked him out of the game. I don’t think he made a telling pass in the whole match.

Against the run of play they went 3-0 up by half-time but the second half started much more brightly with a super Scott break, just blocked by the keeper.

Mike in goal made several brave saves, including one brilliant tip over from a long range Molesey effort, and the chaps really started to turn the screw on Molesey, with Tom K in particular a constant menace to them and very unlucky up front. Molesey started cutting up a bit rough – they don’t like it when things don’t go their way – but the chaps battled away unimpressed.

Totally undeservedly Molesey got the final goal with a really flukey rebound off his own defender from a Mike clearance but the boys kept the pressure up right until the end and, with seconds to go, the ball rebounded all over the Molesey area like a pinball, but just would not go in.

All in all a very creditable way to end the season – bring on the Germans!