23rd March

Oh bother ! This is becoming the picture of the season. Play really well against good opposition to end up loosing narrowly. This was again the story against a determined Hersham. We really played our hearts out the whole game and to come off loosing 3-2 was another bitter pill to swallow. If there is something encouraging about these recent performances is that loosing in this fashion is better than loosing by lying down. That, we certainly are not doing.

Full match report is available from the reports list.

The division could become tighter than expected. Molesey slipped up this week when Teddington held them to a 0-0 draw and with previous results so far, there's no clear favourite yet to who will win.


14th March

That really was a fantastic game at the weekend against Manorcroft with only the final result as the bad part. It is odd how we always raise our game to the oppositions standard and worth taking a note from in the book of learning. 

Please note,,, after a bit of delay (and subsequent beatings of the reporter:)) we now have a lot of the match reports available. I know our intrepid newshound is on the case and has been loading this editor with a plethora of articles of the seasons matches, so be sure to check them out. Links are on the Home page.

Elsewhere in the league, Onslow keep up their winning ways with a very well won victory over Hersham, beating them 2-1. This puts them in to a position where if they keep up this run of form they could take a top three place. 

Bookham went down 3-0 to Molesey and Teddington did not play.

With just four games left to play it is going to be hard for Chidd now, following defeats at Onslow and Manorcroft, to end anything higher than mid table. Still, we have shown great form this season against the likes of Hersham and Manorcroft and even looked good against Molesey until events unraveled to spoil the match.

8th March

With the tough weekend away to Onslow behind us, loosing 4-1, next weeks game is away to Manorcroft. No one said it was ever going to be easy in Div 1 !!

This weekend saw the first games with the divisions split. Top of the table clash, Manorcroft v Molesey saw a 1-1 draw and the only other match being ours, at Onslow. So, if all the top teams loose all their games and we win all of ours,,,,, we can win the league :)

On a more credible course is a chase for fourth. This will be the spot to contend as the top three are clear of the pack.

Division 2 looks more or less settled as well. Horsley A had such a big advantage in points after the split that all others must be chasing the runners up spot. Horsley A beat Abbey Rangers 4-2 on Sunday thus beating the only other likely title contenders.

6th March

Had a chance to talk with the Onslow manager today and he was able to clarify certain issues about how Div 1 was derived at. 

The way the table stood at the end of last week and then using the 0-0 draw results for all unplayed games, it appeared as though Abbey Rangers should of made Div 1 status. Upon a bit of investigation, John, the Onslow manager told me of two games that happened that affected results.

First they had a game against New Haw. New Haw were only able to raise 8 players for the match. By mutual agreement, both teams managers agreed to call off the game but also said should it affect anything in the future, it would be classed as an Onslow win. The reason for this is that under F.A. rules, if you have 7 men you are obliged to play the game. Because new Haw had 8 and did not play, and because by the managers agreement, the match that wasn't played DID have an affect, the game ended up being awarded to Onslow as a win.

In the game of Horsley A v Onslow, Horsley A's pitch was not playable. Apparently, there is a rule (and I'm not sure this is an F.A. rule, but a GSDL rule), if the home team can not provide a pitch but the away team can, then the match should be played at the away teams ground. Onslow were able to provide a pitch but Horsley A elected not to play away. Thus, Onslow were awarded the three points.

These two factors were enough to propel Onslow into Div 1 and Abbey dropped into Div 2.

By my workings out, the league table would of finished looking like this after accounting for all the 0-0 draws being allotted for unplayed games..

  TEAM P W D L F A Pts G/D
1 HERSHAM 14 12 1 1 103 9 37 94
2 MANORCROFT 14 11 2 1 57 14 35 43 2 game awarded as 0-0
3 MOLESEY 13* 11 1 1 107 12 34 95 1 game awarded as 0-0
4 TEDDINGTON 13* 8 2 3 65 25 26 40
5 BOOKHAM 14 8 0 6 59 44 24 15
6 CHIDDINGFOLD 14 7 2 5 51 41 23 10
7 ONSLOW 14 7 2 5 43 42 23 1 2 games awarded as win
8 ABBEY RANGERS 14 6 4 4 55 42 22 13 3 game awarded as 0-0
9 HORSLEY A 14 5 5 4 41 33 20 8 1 game awarded as lost and 3 as 0-0
10 NEW HAW 14 4 2 8 33 62 14 -29 1 game awarded as lost and 1 as 0-0
11 HORSLEY COLTS (B) 14 3 2 9 33 63 11 -30 1 game awarded as 0-0
12 CLAYGATE ROYALS 14 2 4 8 26 54 10 -28 1 game awarded as 0-0
13 REAL SHEPPERTON 14 2 3 9 22 70 9 -48
14 FETCHAM PARK UTD 14 1 2 11 23 68 5 -45 1 game awarded as 0-0
15 GOLDSWORTH P R 14 0 2 13 13 152 2 -139 1 game awarded as 0-0

Note Molesey and Teddington. A special rule  was allowed for these two teams to play their game and not have the 0-0 result applied as it would affect their standing in Div 1 table after the split.

So the new Div 1 looks like this with all the points deducted from games against teams who ended up in Div 2.

DIV - 1 P W D L F A Pts G/D
1 MANORCROFT 6 5 0 1 21 10 15 11
2 HERSHAM 6 4 1 1 28 7 13 21
3 MOLESEY 5 4 0 1 24 8 12 16
4 TEDDINGTON 5 2 1 3 11 17 7 -6
5 ONSLOW 6 2 0 0 13 29 6 -16
6 CHIDDINGFOLD 6 1 1 3 12 25 4 -13
7 BOOKHAM 6 1 0 4 11 24 3 -13

Again, this is awaiting final confirmation once Teddington and Molesey have played their game.

2nd March

The GSDL have cancelled any remaining games in the Under 15's division and all un-played games will be treated as a 0-0 result. The decision to have a cut off date was taken at the beginning of the season.

This means we end up in Div 1 along with Onslow, Teddington, Bookham, Molesey, Manorcroft and Hersham. The fixtures list of dates can be found at the bottom of the home page.

Under the GSDL format we end up with the following table for Div1

DIV - 1 P W D L F A Pts G/D
1 MANORCROFT 6 5 0 1 21 10 15 11
2 HERSHAM 6 4 1 1 28 7 13 21
3 MOLESEY 6 4 1 1 24 8 13 16
4 TEDDINGTON 6 2 1 3 11 17 7 -6
5 ONSLOW 6 2 0 4 13 29 6 -16
6 CHIDDINGFOLD 6 1 1 4 12 25 4 -13
7 BOOKHAM 6 1 0 5 11 24 3 -13

And Div 2 looks like this (as best as I can work out).

DIV - 2 P W D L F A Pts G/D
1 HORSLEY A 7 5 2 0 0 0 17 0
2 NEW HAW 7 3 2 2 0 0 11 0
3 HORSLEY COLTS (B) 7 3 2 2 0 0 11 0
4 ABBEY RANGERS 7 4 1 2 0 0 13 0
5 CLAYGATE ROYALS 7 2 4 1 0 0 10 0
6 REAL SHEPPERTON 7 2 2 3 0 0 8 0
7 FETCHAM PARK UTD 7 1 2 4 0 0 5 0
8 GOLDSWORTH P R 7 0 2 5 0 0 2 0


28th Feb

A good win for the Chidd this weekend as they trailed out 7-0 winners over Horsley B. Horsley have always been one of those teams that run us close for the money, despite form suggesting we should win comfortably. Well, this one went to form. Not that the result should be taken as a picture of the game. Horsley fought a very spirited game and kept battling to the end and just a lack of finishing prowess denied them from scoring on several occasions.

Elsewhere, Abbey took on New Haw and won, lifting them into a top seven place in the league. I doubt they'll hold on to that place as their remaining three fixtures are Horsley A, Manorcroft and Molesey. They would need to gain at 4 least points from those three games to end up on the magic 23 points to qualify for Div 1 and then show a good goal difference.

Horsley A were destined to play the big match against Onslow this weekend, indeed they were supposed to play on both Sat and Sunday. In the end, their pitch was waterlogged and they didn't get to play either game. This is somewhat disappointing as for one, the Onslow game would of revealed just how likely or not Chidd will make Div 1. Hopefully this can be played next weekend.

If Onslow beat Horsley A and then win against New Haw in their last game, they would end on the magic 23 points. There current goal difference is only 1, so they would have to get a lot of goals to surpass our 10 to qualify for Div 1.

Horsley A, if they lost to Onslow but then went on to win against New Haw and Abbey Rangers will end up with,,,, yup, 23 points ! They have a further game against Manorcroft which I doubt they'd get any points from. So again, to qualify, they'll be looking to score goals to improve their GD.

The top of the table looks settled now with Hersham beating Manorcroft, 4-1. Frankly, I had Manorcroft down to win this one and I'd of loved to be a spectator at that game just to see how it went off. It now looks likely that Molesey and Manorcroft will end up with equal points and Molesey winning on GD. 

In the divisions once they have split (using assumptions) not a great deal has changed. We still hold our 5th spot but it'll all depend on if Onslow or Horsley end up in Div 1.

If we don't make it, then we look very strong for Div 2. We earned points in the game against Horsley B and we would lead Div 2 with 18 points should we end up there. Horsley B are likely to be next on 16 points so long as they win their final game against Goldsworth Park.

The figures in blue are my estimate of the teams total points after all their games have been played,,, they could be wrong !

DIV - 1 P W D L F A Pts G/D   REMAINING TEAMS LEFT TO PLAY (in respective divisions)
1 MANORCROFT 5 4 0 1 0 0 12 0   15 Horsley A
2 MOLESEY 5 4 0 1 0 0 12 0   15 Teddington
3 HERSHAM 6 4 1 1 0 0 13 0   13
4 BOOKHAM 6 2 0 4 0 0 6 0   6
5 CHIDDINGFOLD 6 1 2 3 0 0 5 0   5
6 TEDDINGTON 5 1 1 3 0 0 4 0   4 Molesey
7 HORSLEY A 5 0 2 3 0 0 2 0   2 Manorcroft
(if Onslow make Div 1, they will have 6 points - Chidd 4 points - Horsley drop)


DIV - 2 P W D L F A Pts G/D  
8 CHIDDINGFOLD 7 6 0 1 0 0 18 0   18
9 NEW HAW 7 4 1 2 0 0 13 0   13
10 HORSLEY COLTS (B) 6 3 1 2 0 0 10 0   13 Goldsworth PR
11 ABBEY RANGERS 7 4 0 3 0 0 12 0   12
12 CLAYGATE ROYALS 6 2 3 1 0 0 9 0   12 Fetcham Park Utd
13 REAL SHEPPERTON 7 2 2 3 0 0 8 0   8
14 FETCHAM PARK UTD 6 1 1 4 0 0 4 0   4 Claygate
15 GOLDSWORTH P R 6 0 1 5 0 0 1 0   1 Horsley B



22nd Feb

Sunday's game v Molesey will not be one to be remembered for the football. Perhaps the strangest reffing decision yes, but the game was at best a farce.

Elsewhere in the league, Real Shepperton pulled off an upset by beating this seasons most improved team, Abbey Rangers, 3-2. It doesn't do much for Shepperton but it more or less eliminates Abbey's chances of making Div 1 Had they won they would be in Div 1 area with a couple of games in hand. They would now need to beat Horsley A to stand any hope of making top half.

Claygate also played above form and beat New Haw, another team who had a strong chance of being in the running for Div 1. They to, have now a small chance at best to make top flight.

For ourselves, it is still very tight as to where we end up. Primarily it is between Onslow, Horsley A and ourselves. Onslow have yet to play Horsley A and the result of that will pretty much determine our final placing. Of course, we still need to play Horsley B, a game which in the past has always been well fought and over the years we have kind of got to know them as our bogey team. We ought beat them comfortably when looking at the seasons form and results but it never seems to pan out quite like that. An exciting game at least should ensue.

Some observations if we did make it into Div 1. If Horsley A make Div 1 and Onslow don't, with the points adjustment taken into consideration, we end up with 5 points and sit mid-table. If on the other hand, Onslow make it and Horsley A drop, our points are reduced to 4 as we drew against Horsley. Onslow would come in with 6 points and thus our overall standing would be weakened. 

One change if we ended up in Div 2 is that because New Haw lost to Claygate at the weekend, we would now top that league, be it only by two points. If you look at the following tables, you can work out the permutations for yourself. 


15th Feb

Good result for us this week as we trailed out 6-3 winners away to Real Shepperton. This lifts us up to 6th place but as Onslow and Horsley A games did not appear on the GSDL results, it is impossible to know if we will hold that spot.

Some uncertainties as the results on the GSDL website are a little vague. It seems they either don't have all the results to hand or some games were cancelled? Not sure as to why as the weather was cold but certainly not wet. 

The Onslow v New Haw game is shown as 'Subject to League Ruling' which suggest that one team or the other defaulted. We will have to wait to see the outcome of that.

Abbey pulled of a good result to get a draw away to Teddington. This puts Abbey in with a stronger chance of making Div 1 after the split. Unless we take points from Molesey, we will likely end up with 23 points so long as we win against Horsley B. 

Abbey have 5 games remaining against Horsley A, Manorcroft, Molesey, New Haw and Real Shepperton. They should take 3 points from Real Shep and probably 3 more from New Haw. Its ulikey they'll take anything from Molesey and Manorcroft. If that pans out then they will end up with 22 points, one behind us. BUT,,, if they draw with Horsley A then it will be down to goal difference between us and Abbey as to who makes Div 1. If they beat  Horsley A then they will have 26 points.

Thus, the remaining Horsley A games will reflect our fate. They have to play Abbey, New Haw, Onslow, Hersham and Manorcroft and you might expext from that lot for Horsley A to gain 9 points. Bookham beat them last week, against the form book and with Abbey showing good form against Teddington, the form book is looking decidedly unreliable!

There's no amendments to the split Division's forecast at the foot of this page as any teams from the same Division did not play each other (unless you think Abbey will make Div 1, then they gained a point from Teddington).

As a final note. If Abbey did make it up and we didn't, this is bad for us as we took points off them which would count for us in Div 2 if we went down. 

Not that that's going to happen!!!! :) 


7th  Feb 

Latest news here is that finally we have the website up and running,,, be it half way through the season.

So sorry for the delay (ya just can't get the staff these days) and off we jolly well go.

It's been a tough but exciting season so far. Currently mid table at the end of Jan and just three games to go before the division is split in two. The way the results and points are at the moment, it will be a fine cut thing as to whether we end up in the First or Second division.

Div 1 assumes Chidd make it and Onslow don't. Remember, when the division splits, only the points gained from playing the teams in the newly formed division count (i.e. all the points gained from playing teams in the other division are now discarded). Bookham have played all their games against the other (projected) Div 1 teams and thus have 6 points. The current points tally is in RED. 

Most teams still have some games to play before the division splits, i.e. Manorcroft have yet to play Horsley and Hersham. If you know the form, you can attempt to surmise how many points they will end up with. The figures in BLUE are a forecast of what they may be.

As of Feb 15th

In Div 2, it's assumed Onslow ended up in Div 1. The same formulas apply as in Div 1