We are blessed ! Well if not biblically, then at least we have a bottomless pit of support from parents who give endless help to Chiddingfold youth teams. It is worthy of note that we have a great fan base of parents and other siblings who follow the team to both home and away games in all weather conditions. Frequently, we have been seen to outnumber the home teams fans on away fixtures.

Please note that all the staff have attended and passed through the F.A. child protection and best practice certification system.

What follows are those who make up the core of the coaching staff but this does not detract from the highly prized and valued contribution that all our supporters make throughout the year.


Manager : Malcolm aka 'Mourinho' or 'Jose' or 'Da Boss!'

Malcolm has been with this squad since they were under 7's. In those early, far off days, for the first couple of years he worked with Warwick, as he also had an older lad in a group 2 years above which he simultaneously coached.. His job as the manager is made doubly difficult as for not only does he have the players themselves to contend with but also the array of coach's and parents alike. He takes all of this in his stride and his superb diplomatic tendencies alongside his knowledge of the game have ensured both players and staff alike are always contented.

Usually the first to ask for others opinions and consult on all matters arising, his style of leadership reflects onto others. From his original squad all those years ago, the larger majority are still turning up week after week for training and matches to be put through their paces. This is testament that his way of handling things is liked and supported by those around him.

Away from the sidelines Malcolm has gone through official F.A courses and passed with flying colours. Indeed, if we ever overspend out budget, we have at least one realisable asset we can cash in.

A Chelsea supporter through and through and follower of the great Harry Cripps of Millwall. Married to the effervescent Liz who has herself  in time, taken specialised training sessions and the ever welcome, touchline coffee and tea duties.



Coach: Jon

A sporting legend within the confines of his own small outer rural hamlet, Jon has a real talent for communicating with the boys. Not only is he involved with our squad but also through his younger son, he helps with another of the Chidd squads. Then there's his Scout's duties along with this season, running a U'15s cricket team.

Oh, and the sheep,,,,, to which we will add no more!

Jon is also known to be one of our most passionate and vehement staff both on the training field and sidelines of the match.

Married to Naomi, another lady who will brave all weathers to support and help out wherever needed, Jon likes the country side of life.



Coach: Mike

As the photo shows, Mike is a quiet, unassuming chap who shuns the publicity (more revealing pics will be paid for by this site :). He has been coming to this years training sessions though and been working hard with our players and other members of staff, helping to knit together the team fabric. Though new to the training sessions he has been an active supporter with his son for a number of years and indeed his sons improvement, especially in the last couple of years must be testament to his own coaching prowess.

Mike's family entourage, with wife Jo are all keen supporters of the club and are a most welcome bunch on matchdays.




Coach and Club Secretary: Warwick

Warwick not only coach's but is also our man for making sure we have all the things in place for a game. Minor necessities such as referees (for which he is qualified to do as well when needs be) and a pitch to play on. Suffice to say he is an important part of the Chidd staff. On top of these jobs, Warwick also has to travel to GSDL meetings to sort out fixture diaries along with Malcolm. He is also our man for running the line at most matches, which as anyone else knows who has had to do the task, is not the greatest of jobs. Not so much the antagonism's that may be directed in ones direction but because it generally makes it hard to 'watch' the game as a spectator.

He has been there from the beginning when the tribe where barely able to walk, let alone play football (I resist the cheap shot. Ed.) and they were all fresh faced and innocent under 7's. In those days, Warwick took on far more than just coach and was largely running the team as Malcolm's time was also taken with his elder son playing in an older group.

With his dry sense of humour that will pass one by if you're not paying attention, Warwick is always at hand with sharp eyed observation, in ways to improve and bolster our squads performances.

He also has an unhealthy regard for rugby and still can be seen performing for Chidd Vets F.C. on occasion. Indeed, he is one of our fitter, if not the fittest, amongst us.

His wife, the charming Helen, just about manages to keep him on the straight and narrow.


Coach and website ed: Lionel

Yup, that's me.

I've been lucky enough to be involved with the Chidd outfit for four years now and had both of my sons play for Chidd youth sides. The older one has moved onto things like higher education, career opportunities and stuff that we all do once we leave school. For my sins, I look after the website here and coach. None of which I consider a pain and indeed, feel fortunate to be involved with a club with such a great aura.

I've always been interested in football, both playing and observing so it comes as no great surprise to anyone when I start spouting of certain statistics which I can bore most people rigid with. The only fear I had of that was when someone was genuinely interested and wanted to know even more!

I'm married to the lovely Bridgie and like all our better halves, she supports and is genuinely interested in how our team performs through the year.


Julian: Coach

An in-exhaustible amount of patience always has Julian as our man to look at points of interest from all sides. He also has a constant stream of enthusiasm and will always be the one to try and give that extra lift when the heads have dropped.... he sounds like a saint. Well, apparently he sings like an angel, so maybe that's the connection.

Julian not only coach's with the whole squad but is our official, unofficial B-Team coach and has had a good degree of success with getting our non-regular A-Team players together for a well deserved match, against fitting opposition.

Supported by the ever smiling Clare, they have two boys connected with Chidd and also Godalming and Guildford rugby team. Indeed, Julian's ken of the rugby world and game has often been noted in some of his tackling during sessions at our training camp.


Ian: Coach and Treasurer

The man behind the money! Ian's profession in the banking world made him the natural choice to look after the club funds. Although he failed to risk any of the club funds in the recent property boom, his cautious nature and alert eye also ensured we weren't led into loosing historic amounts on the bursting tech bubble. Hence our club is in a strong financial state and as one can see at training sessions we have a good amount of quality equipment.

His talents don't stop their either. He has an eye for a tactic and will often be seen on the touchlines in close proximity to what's going on offering advice.

Carolyn is the driving force behind Ian and as any quiz master knows, if things are not being done properly she's the lady to add the professional touch of putting it right.