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Chiddingfold 0   Real Shepperton 1 (League Cup 1st Round)


30th October 2005


‘That number twelve was a disgrace …’

Parent of under-13’s player from Woking


We had high hopes of the League Cup this season – having beaten Shepperton comfortably last year, a victory would have seen us in the quarter finals with a relatively easy match to get us into the semis (where we may well have met Rupert H’s Onslow). But another poor start found us a goal down within three minutes. In spite of everything we said, half-hearted tackling allowed a Shepperton striker all the time he needed to drive the ball over Mike for a gift of a goal.

At least the boys tightened up after that, and in the end were unlucky not to get the goals we deserved, especially as a couple of the Shepperton players were extremely physical, not to mention relentlessly foul-mouthed to all and sundry.

Scott continued his spectacular season with a series of intelligent forays, linking well with Tom ‘TK’ up front. Daryl has been in inspired form all season too and showed the way with a quick, clean clearance under pressure. Mike in goal was his usual brave self under pressure too – he was clattered quite early on – and Theo’s mastery of recovery runs was crucial in front of him. Man of the Match Josh consistently tackled players way bigger than him and retained an impressive composure throughout.

Fifteen minutes into the game and Theo gave away a penalty (he claimed the Shepperton player just fell over on being touched) which Mike duly saved anyway. Not long afterwards the best move of the match found Daz at left back linking beautifully with Kirk to play their way out of defence, all the way up the line, finishing with a super cross which we were unable to convert – would have been a sensational and deserved goal.

The chaps had settled down now and were putting Shepperton under the cosh. Next Steve took a perfect free kick from way out on the right, which sped into the top left hand corner, only for the Shepperton keeper to finger it round the post.

There was beginning to be unrest on the terraces by now, as the Shepperton linesman/manager flagged for two very dubious offsides and the Shepperton centre back elbowed Scott in the face while referee Warwick’s back was turned. At half-time though, and the boys having found some semblance of shape and rhythm, we were confident of a result.

Nevertheless Shepperton came out fighting in the second half, and the boys were under the cosh for a sustained period. They held out though, with Hassie in inspirational form in midfield, but things took a turn for the worst when the ever threatening TK had to come off with a pulled hamstring.

The Shepperton number twelve was becoming more and more of a distraction by this time, constantly swearing and loudly questioning the referee and linesmen’s decisions, and generally feeding an unpleasant and unsporting atmosphere. It got so bad that Warwick eventually got the Shepperton manager on to talk to him personally, and would have sent him off had he had the authority. One of the Under-13 parents, whose son was waiting to play Chiddingfold, actually phoned your manager that evening to offer his support if we wanted to make an official complaint.

Next Mike had to pull off a blinding save close to his upright and we were starting to push up again when Scott, who had been tormenting the Shepperton defence throughout, was tackled hard by the central defender and lay on the ground in extreme agony. There was uproar amongst the supporters now, many of whom were waiting for the following Under-13’s game. The fact that it was by no means the Shepperton defender’s first offence encouraged the deeply felt resentment and Scott had to come off injured (it was later found to be a badly sprained ankle).

With no recognised striker, we were struggling to threaten the opposition goal, although the chaps never gave up and, in fact, created enough opportunities to win the game. The Shepperton keeper resorted to time wasting now, and when the manager drew the referee’s attention to this, charmingly called him a mug.

We pushed Theo right up front for the last few minutes, leaving just three at the back, but it was all in vain and, to everyone’s relief, the final whistle blew - but we were out of the League Cup. Hopefully the two league games we have yet to come with Shepperton will be played in a more positive atmosphere.  


Just to rub salt into the wound, Manorcroft, Hersham A and Onslow were also all knocked out in surprise defeats. The only teams of substance now left in are Teddington and Byfleet Boys.


Oh for what might of been :(