Welcome to Plaistow village website.

This website is intended to inform visitors about our village, the people it contains, the activities that occur within, along with local news and views. It is also set up to show how to use the web and some ideas on how the web can become an integral part of our way of life. 

Fundamentally, this website was inaugurated to be part of Plaistow's Campaign for Broadband Organisation (light heartedly known as PLACeBO!) and as such lends itself as a central point to obtaining advice and help for yourself or friends in using the internet. Through this website we hope to show in simple terms how the web works and how to use it. Where technical terms have to be used, an explanation that all newbies can understand  (newbies being 'new to it',,, see, learning already!). will be available. The idea is not that this website will give you a degree in 'webuserology' but more of a basic understanding which will give you the starting blocks to be able to make full use of the web.

Because the internet is a powerful tool when used correctly, this site also aims to bring people into contact with one another. It is important to understand from early on that the internet is not a big brother instrument. Many unwary users of the web and its critics, view the internet as an Orwellian development where we sit idly in front of a screen with our every action being monitored. This is simply not true. You have the power with your internet use, to be able to turn it on and off as you desire. It is also your choice as to who you want to be in contact with. You can set up your internet so as to be invisible and use it as purely a way to look up what the capital of Ecuador is or you can  use it to talk with family and friends from all around the world. There are more ways than using the internet than would make coherent sense in listing here. Most people will have heard of shopping on the internet and to some that alone is a great benefit. To others, it might be a way to research a favourite topic. Whatever your choices, above all, it is designed to be flexible.

Internet security is another bugbear to many. Whereas it is true there are security issues the reality is that for one it is constantly improving and the other is you are more likely to have your credit card details stolen by other means than the internet. Some folk worry about virus' and computers being infected. Again, this is not quite the end of the world that some sensationalists would have us believe. It is all new to humankind at the moment and we are constantly learning about it. With protecting ourselves from the problems the internet can throw at us, it is akin to looking after your car, washing machine, video recorder, lawnmower or any other man made device. You don't put bricks in your washing machine, you keep an eye on the oil level of your car, you try to stop the kids wedging a pair of grandma's stockings in the video recorder and you don't attack that bamboo plantation with that 12inch cut, lawn mower. It's just the same with the internet and computer you use to access it. There is a learning process which is not huge. There is no need to be a computer wizard nor understand the complexities of hyper text transfer protocol. All you need to know is what buttons to push and that is something as a community we can easily learn and demonstrate within one another.