Welcome to Plaistow village website.

This is the official un-official website for Plaistow, West Sussex. Population, not many.

Plaistow is the quintessential Wealden village lying on the northerly borders of West Sussex adjoining Surrey. Before going any further, let us straighten one thing up, how is Plaistow pronounced. To the villager it is obvious but to the visitor there is always some perplexing anxiety over how the name should be spoken,, is it Play-stow, Plazz-tow, occasionally but rarely Pla-is-tow or Ply-stow.

No, it is firmly and rightly pronounced Plas-stow with the 'tow' sounding like the 'toe' on your foot.

Apparently it derives from the words a place of play but I have never heard what was played here. 

The village has all the romantic charm of an olde pub, an olde church and ye village shoppe. The midst of the village sees the village green and adjoining  children's playground, complete with swings and climbing apparatus. There are a plethora of tudor period houses, Grade II listed yet they sit comfortably alongside newer houses. Indeed, there are a few new homes being built as I type in the village. The old meet the new well and amicably (even if Chichester D.C. built the wrong type just to meet criteria tick boxes!) as do established residents versus new arrivals. 

Because the village has retained it's small stature over the centuries and not swollen with continual and over bearing developments, the community has been allowed to adjust to quietly and easily to the odd new build. There is certainly a feeling of community here amongst the locals and this is perpetuated with the asset of having an active school in the heart of it.

Another major asset is the local village shop. In this day and age of so many out in the country shops not being able to survive, the Plaistow shop provides a vital service and convenience. If it were gone the loss would be hard on every villager as there is always some thing we run out of at the most in-opportune of times.

More to follow